How to be the “Best Friend” Possible: if a friend is considering abortion.

How to be the "Best Friend" Possible: if a friend is considering abortion.

Everything seemed normal for you last week. Until your best friend said, “I’m feeling sick. My period is a week late. I think I might be pregnant. Do you think I should get an abortion? Please don’t tell anyone!” What do you do? How do you encourage your friend, sister, or cousin to find the help she needs? Here are three steps to help you be the best friend possible.

Your First Step:

You want to be there for her, but perhaps you haven’t experienced what she’s experiencing. The best thing you can do for her is to contact us. At Marisol Health, we offer FREE pregnancy tests, including an ultrasound that will confirm whether her pregnancy is viable. We recommend that women wait until the first day of your missed period before coming in for a pregnancy test. Our test can detect a pregnancy as early as two weeks after your last sexual encounter, but if you wait at least a week after the date of when your period would have been – our test will be the most accurate. If your friend thinks she may be pregnant, encourage her to come in right away.

Your Second Step:

Encourage her, listen to her and talk with her. You can tell her that we care about her at Marisol Health and want to provide her with ALL the information she needs to make an informed choice. You can let her know that many women miscarry in their first trimester and that it’s possible she may not even need to make a decision. An ultrasound can give her that information – and we can offer her that test at no charge. Our medical providers and counselors can offer her all of the information and testing she needs to make an informed choice, and our counselors and licensed medical staff can help her weigh out all her options. Regardless of her ultimate decision, we are here to support her and care for her needs.

Your Third Step:

Why not offer to go with her. You can assure your friend that Colorado law allows a person of any age to make their own choices about birth control, prenatal care, adoption, abortion, and parenting. But, everyone needs moral support from time to time. We know you care about your friend or loved one. Her decision to have an abortion may be one of the biggest decisions she ever makes. Keep in mind, you have a strong voice in her decision, even though ultimately it is her decision alone to make. You can encourage her to discuss her decision with someone that doesn’t have a personal connection to her and her pregnancy. You can let her know that it is vital that she is fully aware of all her options, risks, and benefits. Regardless of her ultimate decision, we are here to support her and care for her needs. Call or text us today: 303-731-6130. Or, if your friend is not comfortable, she can go online and make an appointment HERE.