HEALTH: A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease.
HEALING: The process of restoring sound health.
WELLNESS: The quality or state of being in GOOD health.

We are created body, mind, and soul. Whether we are talking about irregular or painful periods, abnormal discharge, premenstrual syndrome, or hot flashes, Bella brings state of the art, evidenced based medicine to promote HEALING and WELLNESS for women from adolescence through menopause through a natural approach.

Natural Fertility Regulation
Natural Fertility Regulation

We Promote Wellness Our philosophy is that of promoting wellness for women. We strive to offer the BEST and SAFEST care possible. Consistent with this we are especially interested in educating women on their fertility. We are delighted to help women discover their monthly signs of fertility. Learning to observe and interpret these signs is the key. Once these signs are recognized women can confidently manage their fertility according to their needs. We are familiar with all the methods of Natural Fertility Regulation.

The Creighton Model The Creighton Model, developed by Thomas Hilgers, M.D. is another proven method of fertility regulation. The effectiveness of this method has been published in peer reviewed journals. Dr. Hilgers is founder of the Pope VI Institute for Reproductive Studies, located in Omaha, NE. Dr. Hilgers’ landmark textbook, The Principles and Practice of NaProTechnology, is based on research conducted at the Institute. Our staff consists of Certified Medical Consultants in The Creighton Model and NaProTechnology and Fertility Care Practitioners to assist in education and management.

Billings Ovulation Method The Billings Ovulation Method has worldwide appeal, having been researched, taught, and practiced all over the world. This method is approved by the World Health Organization. Studies on The Billings Method are published from trials in China, India, Australia, and South America. The scientific foundations of the Billings Method have been established. Most remarkably, in three or four appointments, a woman can learn the Billings Method and use this to manage her fertility for a lifetime. This method of natural fertility regulation requires no hormones or devices by either the woman or her partner. One only needs to learn the monthly signs fertility. Look under Upcoming Events on this website for scheduled introductory sessions or make appointment to discuss your fertility needs.

The Sympto-Thermal Method In the Sympto-Thermal methods we have worked with teachers from the Couple to Couple League and Northwest Family Services. We are also versed on the methods developed at the Institute for Reproductive Health at Georgetown University, including the Standard Day Method and the Two Day Method.

We are committed to promoting healthy living while affirming the dignity of all women. This includes a method of regulating fertility without the use of artificial contraception, the use of hormones, or permanent sterilization. We would like to assist you in learning more about this. We believe that having knowledge about your body, and taking charge of it, is TRULY being in control!


Increasingly Diagnosed Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCO) is a condition being recognized in women with increased frequency. Women with PCO can have a variety of manifestations; however, most commonly women will present with irregular or infrequent periods, increased facial or body hair, and sometimes, but not always, weight gain or inability to lose weight. In order to make the diagnosis, the gynecologist must find evidence of two abnormalities: anovulation or absence of ovulation, which is what leads to irregular menses, and androgen excess or elevated male hormone levels, which is responsible for the increased body hair.

A Careful Approach This clinical presentation of PCO is ultimately linked to abnormal glucose metabolism. Indeed, women with PCO are at increased risk for developing Diabetes. There is certainly a genetic basis as well. Needless to say, women with PCO deserve a comprehensive approach to their health. PCO is also found frequently in women presenting with infertility. Diagnosing and managing PCO in the setting of infertility also requires a careful approach.

Many Diseases Mimic PCO Thus, it is important for the physician to make an accurate diagnosis. This can be somewhat challenging however, since other conditions may present with similar manifestations. The woman with Hypothyroidism, for instance, also may present with irregular or absent periods. Hyperprolactinemia, or an elevated milk hormone level, may also cause similar menstrual problems. Elevated androgen levels can be found in women with ovarian tumors or adrenal gland problems. So, it is important to sometimes screen for other diseases that may mimic PCO.

Accurate Diagnosis and Treatment The workup for accurately diagnosing PCO includes a thorough patient history, a detailed physical exam, and careful laboratory evaluation. Ultrasound, though not necessary to make the diagnosis, can sometimes be helpful, as multiple small ovarian follicles in each ovary will usually be seen with a characteristic appearance.

In conclusion, Polycystic Ovarian Disease is a most remarkable condition found in women. PCO can affect a woman’s gynecologic health, causing menstrual irregularity and, sometimes, infertility. No less important, however, are the overall health conditions related to PCO, including Diabetes. We welcome appointments from women who may manifest the signs or symptoms of PCO.