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What is an at-home abortion, and is it safe?

woman considering an at home abortion


Living in an age of do-it-yourself, you can pretty much teach yourself anything. YouTube has an abundance of videos teaching you hairstyles, how to decorate your home, build a patio and more. Now, there are even videos discussing at-home herbal abortions. Are you wondering what an at-home abortion is and if it is safe? If so, we’re glad you found this blog!

What is herbal, or at-home, abortion?

An herbal abortion consists of either abortifacient herbs, which induce a miscarriage or an abortion; or, Emmenagogue herbs, which increase blood flow to the uterus to help stimulate menstruation. There are numerous herbs and combinations you can use; however, nearly every article, video, or blog you come across recommends two things:

  1. Investigation
  2. Medical Oversight

Investigation of herbal, at-home, abortions is crucial.

Everyone’s body is unique. Some can react to some herbs and not respond to others. Because herbal abortions are very experimental, it is vital to investigate and seek professional help before deciding anything despite living in a do-it-yourself world.

Your health is essential, and you should prioritize it. Keep in mind; herbal abortion is only successful during the first six weeks of pregnancy. Since most women don’t know they’re pregnant until a month in, the timing can be complicated. You never want to cause further harm to your body.

Medical oversight is imperative.

You should not have an herbal abortion if you have underlying conditions or on-going health issues. Even if you are healthy, it is strongly advised to seek out professional help before trying anything. Herbal abortion is not always successful. In some cases, the fetus doesn’t completely discharge. If this happens, infection risk is very high. According to the National Library of Medicine, the results of this report are not conclusive, but it appears that the ingestion of plants to induce abortion involves the risk of severe morbidity and mortality. Any infection left untreated can become systemic. This is called sepsis, and it can be life-threatening.

Where can I go to find help?

Our suggestion would be to come to Marisol health for a pregnancy test and ultrasound with a licensed medical professional. It is essential to confirm the pregnancy’s viability and learn exactly how far along you are. While you’re there, you can speak with a counselor about what you may be thinking, feeling and researching.

We create a safe, unbiased place for our patients. You are unique, capable and strong. We will listen to and care for you in a way that’s confidential and empowering. Before you do anything, you can schedule an appointment here or reach us by phone at 303-731-6130.