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Tips to Saving for the Girl in Her Twenty Somethings

We talk a lot about your physical and mental health – we know the importance of our general health is high. Somewhat related, we wanted to touch on your financial health. No, we aren’t financial advisors, and we don’t have the keys to cutting debt, reducing bill payments, and overall financial pointers like Dave Ramsey, BUT, we do have some ways to save money. 


Here are some tips to saving money, especially relevant to women in their 20 somethings: 

  1. Make the coffee at home. We know, it’s cool to go out with a Starbucks coffee cup and your fall clothes this time of year – but who says you can’t make your coffee at home and put it in a Starbucks cup? We know it’s just $5 here and there, but if you think about it, $5 really adds up. So, save $30 a week, adding up to be $120 a month and you will have that money in your pocket! 
  2. Pack your lunch for school or work. This goes for the above note too, it’s okay to treat yourself from time and time again. However, if you bring your lunch the majority of the time, you will really save yourself in the long run. Just like above, if you spend $12+ on lunch out each day, you are spending quite a bit of money each week, which amounts to quite the expense each month. 
    1. Tips for bringing lunch – we know meal prepping is quite the trend these days. If you work on Sunday to make many meals for the week ahead, you will be set. However, if you don’t have the time to make many meals, just make extra dinner when you are prepping each evening. Simple as that. Thinking about how many servings to make? Make a couple extra and throw them into some containers to grab for lunches during the week. This is a GREAT way to manage your finances and end up with some extra money in the bank at the end of the month. 
  1. Just stay out of the stores – Target, anyone? Not sure about your self control, but from our viewpoint, we don’t have any when it comes to impulse buys at stores like Target. It’s so hard… you have a lunch hour, or a break between classes so you run to the store to “kill time”. However, you really don’t do much except buy things you do not NEED. One of the biggest tips that we have learned over time is either go to the stores that get you in money-buying trouble with a list and STICK TO IT, or just don’t go if you don’t have a reason to go. If you are looking for something to do, maybe go for a walk outside, around the building, etc. One more thing we learned, if you are just going to “look”, maybe don’t bring your wallet inside – can’t buy anything if you don’t have the money. STAY STRONG! YOU CAN DO IT! 
  2. You need groceries, we get it, but just be smart when you go to grocery shop. There are so many wonderful online tools that we can use these days. One of the best finds we have utilized is online grocery store shopping and pickup. Did you know, when you grocery shop, if you are hungry you will buy more than you need? 


So, to avoid unnecessary spending, shop online. Search and buy just what you need, don’t get distracted and stick to your plan. Just like in store shopping, buy what you need and ignore the rest. This is easier to do and easier to avoid distractions when you shop online and aren’t tempted by the aisles and their lovely marketing. 


So, go with what you know, save when you can, and just be smart. If you stick to the plan and have strong will-power, we know you can save money and notice an increase at the end of the year. 

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