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Pregnancy Signs, Symptoms, and Test Results

Are you scared you might be pregnant? Not sure where to look or what to do first? Take a deep breath. We can help you. If you think you might be pregnant, here are a few lists to work through before taking a pregnancy test. If you feel uncomfortable taking the test alone and are looking for affordable medical care, keep scrolling until the end.

Early Pregnancy Signs

The first sign is a late or missed period. If you’re not sure what is considered late, here’s how you know. If you are within 21 to 35 days of your last period, you’re okay. However, a regular period can vary. If your cycle is 28 days and you have not had your period by day 29, your period is late.

The second sign may vary as each woman is different. However, you may be pregnant if you are experiencing fatigue, nausea, increased urination, and swollen breasts.

Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Symptoms of pregnancy depend on the woman. Some women experience headaches, smell sensitivity, backaches, mood swings, and light implantation bleeding. The best way to determine pregnancy is by taking a pregnancy test.

Understanding Your Pregnancy Results

While most pregnancy tests display one or two lines to display the test results, other tests use symbols. The symbols are self-explanatory. They show a plus sign for a positive result or a negative sign for a negative result. There are even some tests that will say “pregnant” or “not pregnant.”

However, for most pregnancy tests, lines tend to be the most common. Each pregnancy test measures the hCG hormone level. hCG is called the pregnancy hormone because it is produced of cells formed in the placenta.

Each pregnancy test has its own precise timing, sensitivities, and accuracy. So, if you want to take more than one test, you need to use the same brand.

Additionally, make sure you follow all the directions on the back of the box. If you need to set a timer after taking the test, make sure to set it for that exact time.

Understanding the lines

One single line means you’re not pregnant. Two lines indicate the test is positive, and you are pregnant. If the second line is faint, you may be pregnant. If this is the case, wait a few days and then take another test. It could be you’ve taken the test too early. Your body may need additional time to produce more hCG. Or, if you think

you notice a faint second line but are questioning yourself, ask your partner or friend to take a look.

It’s important to not wait longer than the recommended time allotted because a faint line may appear. This line occurs when the urine sample starts drying out and evaporates. The evaporation will create a shadow on the pregnancy test, which looks like a second line. However, this will give you a fake positive result. Therefore, reading and following the instructions for each test is necessary.

If you prefer having a medical professional help you, we are here for you. At Marisol Health, we offer a free pregnancy test as well as a free ultrasound. Call us today, don’t wait to find out; we are here for you. Make an appointment today.



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