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How to Cope with An Unexpected Pregnancy

You’re standing in the bathroom staring at a little stick upon which you just peed. And much to your shock, you see two little lines appear. Pregnant.

So, you pee on another little stick. Because maybe just maybe it was false. But then when the second one and the third one and the fourth one all give the same answer, dread bubbles from somewhere deep within you. You cry or shout or crumple. Because being pregnant wasn’t in your plans for today.

In a mere matter of moments, your entire world and perhaps your future feels shattered. Or perhaps in the overwhelm, you instantly became numb and feel nothing.

But, as shock threatens you, be gentle with yourself. Although over half of the pregnancies in the United States are also unexpected, it does not matter why those women found themselves unexpectedly pregnant. What matters is you.

Your unexpected pregnancy journey remains unique to you, reflecting your own uniqueness.

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to be a mother, but never thought now. Or maybe you like your partner but you just started dating and you’re not sure you want to raise a child with him. Or perhaps you’ve got dreams for schooling and a career that didn’t include a pregnancy. Or maybe you’ve been working hard for you and have built a life that you love.

As your mind races or freezes, give yourself permission to feel everything. If it helps, write out your thoughts or speak them aloud. There are no right or wrong feelings. Don’t allow any preconceived notions about how you should feel prevent you from feeling what you actually feel. Acknowledge fears of the unknown and disappointment with your circumstances, as you face doubts and uncertainties. And if you feel nothing, that’s okay too.

Already the potential opinions of other people may be swirling in your head, possibly causing more confusion. Although the thought of sharing your unexpected pregnancy with someone might be scary, find someone you trust who will offer you compassionate and non-judgmental support.

As you face this unexpected pregnancy, you may feel as if your life, as you knew it, is over. But you have options. And although this pregnancy will certainly leave an imprint upon your life, you are capable of making the best decision for you. No roadmap exists for this journey, instead you get to decide what comes next.

At Marisol Health, our medical professionals offer women free, compassionate, non-judgmental care. Whether you’ve decided what you want to do about the pregnancy or are still uncertain, we seek to empower you. To ensure the viability of your pregnancy, we provide medical grade pregnancy tests and an ultrasound. Then, we confidentially come alongside you to listen to you, no matter what. We know that because you are unique, your unexpected pregnancy feels unique. But we also believe that you are strong and capable of making the right decision for you. Peeing on a stick may feel like it changed everything, but your life is not over. Call us today at (303)731-6130.