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We Understand You Feel Vulnerable
We recognize that women encountering infertility come to the office in a particularly vulnerable situation. Often, the infertile couple has attempted various approaches either on their own or at infertility clinics elsewhere. We understand that this is quite an anxiety provoking time. Whereas women desperately want answers they are nevertheless reluctant to pursue invasive procedures that also may be somewhat degrading.

Unexplained Infertility Warrants Investigation
This is all compounded when the cause for the infertility is unexplained. Thus, the woman may be tempted to proceed with assisted reproductive technologies, such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), which are billed as highly successful. The fact is that the “unexplained” infertility is frequently in reality “undiagnosed” and warrants a more thorough investigation.

We Help You Find Answers
Women appreciate the opportunity to look for answers to their infertility and to have conditions treated in helping improve their chances for conceiving. Whether it is effectively treating Endometriosis, an ovulation disorder, or a cervical mucus factor we believe the underlying cause for infertility should be investigated and treated so as to respect the dignity of the woman and preserve the integrity of the couple’s relationship.

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