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What You Need to Know About Adoption

An unexpected pregnancy may make you feel uncertain about the future. At Marisol Health, we believe in your ability to make an informed and empowered decisions! Some women choose to continue pursuing their dreams by placing their babies for adoption. Misconceptions exist about adoption, so keep reading to know the facts.


What is adoption? 

In adoption, a birthmother bravely chooses to legally transfer her parental rights to another parent (or parents). But a birthmother does not walk through the process alone. An adoption agency guides the woman throughout the entire process so that her desires are met. 


How many adoptions occur every year? 

In the United States, almost 20,000 adoptions happen every year!


What is an adoption agency? 

An adoption agency ensures that a birthmother and adoptive family have the support they need throughout the adoption process. The agency aids a birthmother in making her adoption plan, then facilitates necessary meetings and discussions. Adoption agencies exist both locally and nationally. 


How does a birthmother pick an adoption agency? 

A woman considering adoption should extensively research agencies. She should also speak with other birthmothers or adoptive families who have used the agency. Knowing her own preferences and desires for adoption can also be helpful as she begins to ask questions. A woman should also have someone who supports her emotionally as she makes these decisions. 


How much control does a birthmother have in the adoption process? 

With an adoption agency guiding her, a birthmother develops an adoptive plan that outlines her desires. The plan includes whether she wants a closed or open adoption, her plans for birth, and whom she wants to be involved throughout the process. 


What is the difference between a closed and open adoption? 

In the adoption plan, a birthmother will decide whether she wants to have an open or closed adoption. 


Many birth mothers choose open adoption to stay in touch with their children. In an open adoption, the birth mother and adoptive family communicate openly by exchanging photos and having regular phone calls or visits. 


Other women choose a closed adoption because they would rather remain anonymous. In a closed adoption, birth mothers and adoptive families have limited to no contact. The adoption agency coordinates any communication.  


Do birth mothers get paid for adoption?

A birth mother cannot receive payment to place her baby for adoption. However, in Colorado, a judge may approve an adoptive family to pay for a birthmother’s medical bills, living expenses, or other fees. 


Can an adoption be reversed if the birthmother changes her mind? 

A birthmother consents to adoption after the birth of her child, but she has 91 days to reverse her decision if she felt that someone pressured her into placing her baby for adoption.  


Adoption agencies in Colorado must provide a birth mother with an adoption counselor. The counselor ensures that the birthmother understands her options before deciding 


How does a birthmother choose an adoptive family? 

An adoptive agency guides a birthmother in choosing an adoptive family. They present the birthmother with a list of potential adoptive families. The list includes information about the families such as their jobs, their religion, their hobbies, their backgrounds, and why they want to adopt. The birth mother then chooses which families she wants to meet with in person. The adoptive agency empowers her each step of the way so that she can feel confident about the adoptive family she chooses. 


Does a father have to know about a birthmother’s decision to place her baby for adoption? 

In Colorado, a father must be notified about a birthmother’s decision to place her baby for adoption. If he chooses to be involved, agencies include him in adoption counseling. But if a birthmother feels uncomfortable or threatened, the agency will help the birthmother explore her legal options and ensure that she has the resources she needs. 


Why would a woman choose to give up her baby for adoption? 

Every woman is unique, so every unexpected pregnancy is also unique. Some women don’t feel ready to parent and want to continue pursuing their dreams. Other women know that they don’t have the resources to raise a baby, so they selflessly place their baby up for adoption. In choosing adoption, a woman secures her own future and the future of her baby. She also provides joy for an adoptive family who wants to parent a child. 


At Marisol Health, we want to empower you throughout the process. From confirming your pregnancy to connecting you with the resources you need, we are here to listen, to educate, and to empower you to make the best decision for you! Call us today at (303)731-6130 to speak with our compassionate and confidential team.