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Spring Cleaning at Work

Woman excited about spring cleaning

Spring cleaning is a pretty well-known time of year where many try to keep their homes fresh. This year, will be no different than the others, and we will gladly welcome spring-time and warmer weather. Just as it’s important to make sure your home is clean for spring, it’s just as important we keep up at work and keep the many areas at work clean as well. In fact, we spend the majority if our time at our jobs.


Here are some things you won’t want to forget about cleaning up this spring.


  1. Ahhh… the dreaded emails. No one likes to see a notification for 2,980 unread emails. It’s even more daunting when you know you really, terribly, so badly, just need to clean it all out. Take it upon yourself this spring cleaning and just clean it out. It might take time, but you will feel so much gratification when it’s done.
    1. Start by making an important folder that you move all of your important emails and documents into.
    2. Don’t go too crazy with the delete button. If you feel you might need to reference an email, just keep it for a bit longer.
  2. Dust your desk. Yeah, this is something we all kind of kept up with during Covid, but by now, you could be back in the groove of things and let this one slide off of your plate. Maybe you don’t have to dust, but grab some Clorox wipes and make sure you hit all of the high trafficked areas that you, or anyone else, might touch on a daily basis.
    1. The key areas: wipe down your phone, your mouse, your keyboard, and the area where your hands lie all day long. If there is an area of your desk that people touch, or an area that people lay documents for your review, ensure that you clean up that area as well. It’s just a great habit to get into to ensure that you’re keeping up as much as possible. Tip, also wipe the arm rests on your chair if you have one. You’d be surprised how often you lean, or touch this area with your hand.
  3. Pick up in general. Do you have tons of folders lying around? Possible sticky notes that have been around for months? If you don’t use the notes any longer, or the project is complete, just take it off. Oftentimes, we get so busy going at our jobs and every day life, we forget to declutter. Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity.
  4. Use it or lose it! But really… do you have pens lying around that have never been used? Maybe some markers you had the best of intentions of using when you bought them, but they really have no use? If you haven’t used it recently, and don’t plan to, just get rid of it. Maybe you aren’t wasteful and throwing them away, but even just organizing them in a drawer away from your everyday site would go a long way.


We recommend taking the time and couple extra steps to declutter and organize your desk and work area. Some have offices, some have small cubes. It really doesn’t matter the size of your space, but a decluttered and clear area leaves behind the best change of a clear and decluttered mind and attitude. Happy spring cleaning!