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How Abortion Affects Relationships

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Your positive home pregnancy test may have caused you to feel shocked. After sitting in disbelief, taking more tests, or calling a friend, you now decide what to do next about your unexpected pregnancy.


As you evaluate how each choice could affect your future, you should know that abortion could alter your relationships. At Marisol Health, we want to empower you to make the best decision for you, so please keep reading!


Does my boyfriend care if I have an abortion?

Men don’t realize that abortion often affects them as well, so your boyfriend may say that he supports you in whatever you decide. Even if he wants to parent your baby, he may stay silent because he’s afraid that his opinion doesn’t matter to you. Although you make the final choice about your unexpected pregnancy, you should have a conversation with your boyfriend about what he really wants. Openly and honestly talk about how abortion may affect both of you and how it could alter your relationship.


Will my boyfriend break up with me after an abortion?

Your boyfriend could experience unexpected sadness or grief after an abortion. He may not know how to communicate his feelings to you, so he may begin to pull away. As couples individually experience their own emotions following an abortion, they find it difficult to connect and communicate, thus leading to a breakup.


My boyfriend is pressuring me to have an abortion. Will we break up if I don’t?

Your boyfriend may believe that an abortion would make life easier for both of you and solve your problems, but no matter what he says, no one can force you to abort. Even if he pressures you to have an abortion, you will have to cope with the emotional and physical effects afterward. Some women later experience anger toward their partner because of the abortion and look to end the relationship.


Does abortion affect your sex life?

For up to three months after an abortion, almost twenty percent of women report that their sexual drive decreases. If a woman felt unsupported by her partner during the abortion process, she may later feel less inclined to be emotionally or physically intimate.[1]

I’m pregnant after a one-night stand. Would abortion affect my dating relationships?

An abortion cannot remove the emotions and memories of an unexpected pregnancy after a one-night stand. Women still experience complex emotions, regardless of the father of the pregnancy. If she experiences generalized emotional numbness, she may have difficulty physically or emotionally connecting in a future relationship.


How does abortion affect my relationship with my friends?

Women find it difficult to talk about their abortion, even if they have supportive friends. They often fear the opinions and reactions of others. Inadvertently women have difficulty connecting with friends on a deeper level because of the secret they feel that they must keep.


My parents are forcing me to have an abortion. Will that change our relationship?

No one can force you to abort, not even your parents. If you feel that your parents are forcing you to have an abortion, you should immediately talk to a trusted adult.

Your parents may tell you that you need to have an abortion to preserve the family’s relationships and reputation. But abortion often breaks apart families because daughters feel that they are alone. Often families never talk about abortion again. A woman may distance herself from her parents afterward.


Will abortion affect my relationship with my kids?

Mothers who have children during or after an abortion may have difficulty bonding with their future children. Research shows that women have difficulty bonding because of unresolved grief or guilt. Mothers also feel that they could never replace the baby they chose to abort, and so they emotionally distance themselves from their children.


Does abortion affect my relationship with myself?

Like any major life decision, abortion causes a woman to experience a variety of difficult emotions. Some occur days to years after an abortion and may include anxiety, worthlessness, and self-hatred. [2]

Don’t process the feelings of an abortion decision alone. Our compassionate medical professionals and support team want to empower you every step of the way. From helping you determine the viability of your pregnancy to empowering you to understand all of your options, we want to listen to you and care for you in a way that’s confidential and empowering.

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