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Abortion Cost in Colorado

An unexpected pregnancy stirs a lot of feelings and thoughts. As you contemplate your options, you should also take into consideration the cost of each of them. Keep reading to learn about the costs for an abortion, and then make a free appointment at Marisol Health!


How much does an abortion cost in Colorado?

In Colorado, abortion pills could cost up to $800 and a surgical abortion could cost up to $1200. The gestational age of your pregnancy determines your eligibility for each abortion type.


What other costs are there with abortion?

Abortions may require unexpected costs. For example, a woman may need a blood test before her abortion or want to pay for relaxation medications before a surgical abortion.


What if I go to an abortion clinic and I’m not pregnant?

Most abortion providers charge for a first visit, even if they decide that you are not pregnant. So, first come to Marisol Health for a free pregnancy test!


How much does an ultrasound before an abortion cost in Colorado?

Women should receive an ultrasound before an abortion to protect their health. An ultrasound can rule out an ectopic or nonviable pregnancy. Sometimes abortion providers charge up to $200 for an ultrasound. At Marisol Health, we provide free ultrasounds to empower you with information about your pregnancy.


Who pays for complications after an abortion?

Medical and surgical abortions have risks that could require medical intervention such as infection, perforation of the uterus, or damage to other organs. Abortion providers do not always provide aftercare, so a woman will need to seek care at a nearby emergency room. Then she will need to check with her insurance provider about costs.


**If you experience complications after an abortion, you should seek emergency medical care immediately.** Be honest with the medical providers about your abortion so that they can provide you with complete care.


Do insurance providers cover abortion in Colorado?

Most private insurance plans will not cover abortion in Colorado. Women should check with their individual insurance providers. Plus, not all abortion providers take private insurance.


Does Medicaid cover abortion in Colorado?

Medicaid does not cover abortion in Colorado except in rape, incest, or life-threatening circumstances. Marisol Health wants to walk with you compassionately and confidentially if you find yourself in one of these difficult situations.


What is Medicaid in Colorado?

Colorado’s Medicaid program, called ‘Health First Colorado,’ provides insurance coverage for pregnant women. The plan covers all prenatal care including OBGYN visits, blood work, medications, and ultrasounds. The plan then covers the hospital costs during delivery. Other plans will cover postpartum and newborn care.


Who qualifies for Medicaid in Colorado?

Your income decides your eligibility. But even if you don’t meet the income guidelines, you have other governmental insurance options, such as CHP+. At Marisol Health, we can help you start the process for applying for Medicaid.


Before you spend any money on the abortion process, schedule a free appointment at Marisol Health. Our medical professionals want to equip you with the information you need regarding your pregnancy and your abortion options. Call us today at (303)731-6130 or make an appointment online.